Hash Table

Today I learned about Hash Tables, it's basicly a data-structure of a an pre-determine length with a key and value pair as it's data. An object in most coding languages.

  key: "John",
  value: "123-456-7890"

It's a really cool way of storing data because it's super fast.
It's consistent time insertion and look up.

Big O notation of 1.
O(1) run time, if you do your hash function correctly.

Which bring me to the next part the "Hash Function"

A hash function is a function that takes an input, the keys in this case and do some kind of "magic" with it and give you some kind of indexes as it's output. The output is uses in this case as the indexes for your hash table.

When you have to look up the data you can gave your query the key of the data and the hash will always give you back the same index, which you can use to find your data.

One issue you are going to run into...get it run when an collision happens. When the…

More CSS ugghhh

What is harder than coding everyday?

That's right...blogging about it everyday...but for reals I won't have it any other way, this really keeps me on track no matter what happens on the day of. I know this is becoming a mini-rant that no one will read...but the process of learning includes learning about myself.

Okay today I did more of the CSS review tutorial and worked on my site a bit...
The tutorial talked about hamburger menu... yup...

With the continue use of BootStrap CSS framework we can use the
.collapse and .navbar-collapse with the .sr-only to hide the hamburger when in normal desktop view and only active it during extra small phone view.

Yup the CSS can get real dry real fast.
On other note I added more to my website this time scroll effects on my name text on top of the splash image.

```html <div id="splash"> <img class="full-img" src="public/assets/images/splash.png" alt=""> <div class="hidden-xs hi…

CSS Review

Today is Sunday, a bit of a slower day...didn't get off the floor too quick, watched some videos about CSS and mainly reviewing the Bootstrap framework for CSS.

Honestly I did not even know what a bootstrap really was until I saw this image, I always thought it was like boot ties to keep the boots tighter on the feet? Anyways there you go a bootstraps is for putting the boots on the feet, I don't have boots like this so that's my best guess.

Obv start with importing the bootstrap framework in the html or you can reference it, frankly I like loading it from source, however I haven't really thought about if their site goes down my site will lose all the CSS, which can be bad.

Here is some of the take away I got from reviewing...

1. ".container" class is sweet

container class will responsively add margins, center and wrap our content
container-fluid allow for stretching on larger screens(I like this one...the most)

2. using grid offsets

col-md-offset-1, a better…

Binary Search Tree

Today I learned about Binary Search Tree
It's a data structure that makes it easier to find, add, remove, data really really fast...more on that later.

The simplest way I think about linked list is like a well a tree...
but not like a normal tree, it's more like a network of trees.

Each of the nodes on the tree starting from the root node will have a value and two children.
From looking at this graph you can already see that a node will no child is the end of the tree.

```javaScript function binarySearchTree(rootValue) { this.value = value; this.left = null; this.right = null; } ``` we start the tree like with a root node like so, and start with no child, on either left or right, we than insert value into the tree to add to the tree.
This data structor doesn't look too different from a "linked list". You got an property that hold a value, and two nodes, in this case we have left and right child, instead of front and back nodes in a "linked list"
But what…

Linked List

Today I learned about Linked List.
It's a data structure that makes it easier to add and remove data in a specific order...

The simplest way I think about linked list is like a train...
There is a always a head and a tail and each car of the train is connected in two points, front and back.

The way a linked list can be used in Js is by creating a list obj, and "node" objs that stores the data and at the same time points to a node it the front of it and a node in the back of it.

The cool thing about link list is that the "list" obj itself is a really small data obj in size.
That only contains the first node and the last node in the chain.

```javaScript function LinkedList() { this.head = null; this.tail = null; } function Node(value, next, prev) { this.value = value; = next; this.prev = prev; } ```
Another analogy is that a link list is a chain, like an array data type.
You can easily add to the front or the back of the chain/list but you ca…